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Crafty: Decorate your own Cupcake kits


Hi there!!

I thought I would share my most recent gift bag project. This one was a decorate your own cupcake kit. Which should totally read as “load the kidlets full of sugar kit”. Hahahahahahahahahaha 

What you’ll need is:

Cupcake (make or buy, but be sure enough frosting to get a good hold on all the decorations)

Cupcake box, I used these:

Mini loaf pans as trays: I used these

Crack dealer bags- ok, so they AREN’T called this in the stores. I don’t know how they’d sell if they called em that. But, that’s beside the point. Here’s the ones at Hobby Lobby:

Treat bags:

Shred: I chopped it up small enough to make a huge mess, but, you don’t have to chop it:

Random (or theme it up, I am not telling you how to run your life) sprinkles, candies, jimmies, nonpareils, sparkling sugar, cake glitter…etc

I hauled out some of my stash:


Misc: Scissors, ribbon, clear tape

Assemble the cupcake box and place cupcake inside. Congrats! You are halfway done. Take a break, enjoy a nice cuppa coffee and spend an hour on YouTube.

Take as many crack dealer bags in as many sizes as you have/wish, and fill them with the cake decorations…here’s mine looking like a dope deal for Rainbow Brite:


Chop up shred (this will make a huge mess-both while packing and hopefully while unpacking) and place in the loaf pan. Place the loaf pan full of shred into the treat bag fill the loaf pan full of shred with the bagged sprinkles/decorations. Tie the bag with a ribbon. Tape the bag to the top of the cupcake box. Sit back and admire your ribbon bow work. Have another cuppa.

Hand the goody bags off to the kids as they head off to Dad’s/Grandma’s/camp for the week. Hey, there’s plenty of sugar in this to last that whole time!

Tell them they get bonus points if they can decorate their cakes during the car ride.

Here’s a quick vid showing the process and anything that I may have forgotten in this blog post:


Happy crafting!


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