Camper Project: Painting

Hi everyone!

There comes a time in every single one of my projects where a little paint must spill. Or at least be slathered around as much as possible. The pure white walls of the camper were screaming at me to give them a little color. “Pure white” is a bit of a stretch. A lot of a stretch. The interior was painted with what I can only assume was white primer. Everywhere. E V E R Y W H E R E. But, it was also splotchy and it didn’t cover well.  I felt like I was inside a dirty marshmallow.

Here are two shots. Right now we will be focusing on the walls and to some teeny tiny degree, the seating area. I will go into more detail on the floor and stove later (umm..yes…my precious little blue stove…). And, I will also go into details of the “command center” that you’ll see in later photos…later, as well. (Those will be two more blog posts at later dates.  Oooh, hey, I am getting the hang of this blogging thing!!) So with out further ado, the before shots:

Meh. Not terrible, but, definitely not me.  So, I went on a hunt to find colors and painting supplies. I found what I was looking for at two places, score! And the prices were within the scope of what I wanted to spend. First, at good ol’ Walmart I picked up the supplies.

A paint roller set, brushes, disposable liners, replacement rollers, and a paint can opener. Easy, Peasy. I got in and out pretty quick. I found what I was looking for and spent more time in the check-out line than I did looking for my supplies. Which wasn’t really bad, either.

Here are links to some of what I got:

The kit I got had this in a six inch size, But, I can’t find the kit in stock:

Here’s a similar kit, with larger rollers.

I should have taken photos of what I got, but, I didn’t even think of it. Anyway, they also have a three piece brush set that I picked up as well.

From Lowes I was careful to find exactly the paint I wanted. I wanted a good brand, and found Valspar Signature. I wanted a paint that would hold up to some cleaning and I didn’t want crazy shiny, so, I chose satin. Now for the color. I didn’t want white. Dear God, no more white. My color scheme was going to be my favorite colors. Not all of them, but, some of them. Kind of a fall palette. Browns, oranges, grays, red and copper accents. I figured the gray would work as the background to showcase the other colors. And it came down to what kind of gray. Blue-gray? Green gray? Purple gray? Just shoot me now.

I spent way too much time looking at the color choices while wishing I could just be anywhere else. I didn’t want to be that color person. You know, the one who scrutinizes ever aspect of a color nose up in the air. “Archibald, this isn’t the same color as the mane of the award winning stallion in the last derby we attended (said in a nasally, annoying, condescending tone). Oh, we must tell Winston the third of this quaint little  blah, blah, blah”. I don’t know why, but, in my head it’s super uppity, and not what I wanted. So I closed my eyes and thought of the color that would be most soothing and when I opened them I saw “Madison White”. Urgh, “white”  but, against white it was very much a soft gray. and definitely not white. So, perfect! Moving on. I needed a deeper accent gray that I would use for some trimmy (not a word) bits and for doors and drawer fronts. I employed the same method of closing my eyes and trying to imagine the color already in the project and what that would look like. This time though, the color didn’t jump out at me. I had to dig through the paint chips and eventually found what I was looking for. Granite Dust. Okie dokie. Two quarts of the former, one of the latter, please. And I was out of there.

We removed doors, took them outside onto the patio and began to paint. We were very nearly finished. And then it happened. The skies opened up and and each form of precipitation dumped down. The roof of the patio was already Swiss cheesed from the last wind storm that dropped a branch from the neighbors tree on it. so we had to get them inside in a hurry.  Rain, sleet, hail, and snow all dumped down alternatively in the span of ten minutes. Colorado weather. We quickly moved them inside the house and thankfully there was very little smell to the wet paint.

The next day we tackled the walls of the camper. As mentioned before, the drawers, doors, trim over the windows and accents were done in the Granite Dust and the walls and large remaining areas were done in Madison White. We rolled and brushed it on without worrying about drips on the floor as I plan on re-doing the floor later. We were, though, extra careful around the ceiling. Though it’s white, it was well done and just enough white to show the color of the Madison without the marshmallow sarcophagus feeling.

A special note regarding the drawers, cabinets, and doors: I knew that the awful drawer pulls that were on there were going to be replaced. So with only the bathroom door as an exception, I removed that hardware and used filler to fill in the holes left behind when the hardware came off. I let that dry, sanded it and then painted. More on that in a later post.

I have to tell you, with the whole interior of the camper painted, it looked and felt a billion times cleaner, fresher.



It looks like the walls are Granite Dust like the cabinet doors, but, it’s just the shadows.

After getting that done, I took all of the vents off (all covered in white primer from previous owner) and tried to decide on what to do with those. There were three. One partway covered by a cabinet door (??) and two under the fridge. I took them all out and painted them using this copper colored paint. It worked exactly as I wanted, fitting into my color scheme plans perfectly.

We had some leftover paint from a project inside the house (a chalkboard wall in the office room). So I pulled that out and we painted the refrigerator door and the insets in the storage/bunk loft area. So we have a few fun areas to use, too.


Unfortunately, some of the color looks washed out. I don’t know if it’s my skill, phone, or the lighting. Promise you, when it’s all done, I will do a video walk through and you’ll see the actual colors better.

Until then,


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