Biggest project that I have had yet!


Hiya folks!

It has been a crazy year of divorce and court and not so fun… um, fun. But, it’s all turned around and I am in a great place now, mentally. I am happier than I have been in a billion years. And lots of happy things are happening.

One of those things is finding out that it is OK to enjoy doing things thatwant to do. Crazy, huh? I have always wanted to redo a camper. By that I mean, remodel one to fit my needs. One that I can do without fear of being shot down for every single idea…something that won’t become a storage locker for tools, car parts, unfinished projects and etc. Something that will be mine, that I can enjoy at my schedule, my desire. Kinda liberating.

So to start that, it was ok to fine one that was a little…erm, rough. Here’s what I found, it’s a video tour of the camper formerly known as “Jolene”.

That was in September. I adore this camper and all the potential that she has. The name has gotta go. So we’ll come up with something better later.

There are lots of plans for her.  Fresh paint, penny table from a Pinterest DIY, recovering the cushions, painting the stove (which, admittedly drew me to her, so blue!), repairing parts, new floor…the list goes on and on, my friend.

Obviously, I am a raging amateur at it and I am not going to do this at all “right” or professionally. In the end, I believe I will be happy with the results. And, if not, so what? It’s mine and I can take it of, off, repaint, and start again.

If you are interested in the progress, follow along as I reboot the PineconeCrafter blog and share this project as well!



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