Not a lotta activity in the pinecone craftroom

Well… that’s about to change, hopefully. I have an updated craft area now and plan to make use of it. Some of the shelving was um…reallocated prior to permission…from the husband’s (Captain Hardwood) desk system he uses for his flooring business. I have found a way to store some supplies neatly, and it is working for me for now. I’ll be able to change things around if I see the need later.

Here’s an overview:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Eventually, I will figure out how to properly use the panorama function of my camera. Today is not that day.

My favorite area is this area:

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

There are a few messes that need to be addressed, but all in all, it is working for me. I can work on a watercolor project and I have my paper towels and color charts close by. I have a pegboard of my newest supplies right in front of me. My supplies are organized by type in the boxes above. I have my current Stampin’ Up! stamp sets in front of me (more on that and shameless promotion later). The lights are bright, one being for plants, to illuminate my work area even in low light. This will help not only for the project at hand, but photography and video purposes as well. I do foresee the need to add lighting down the road. For now, this works. I have my inks and pens on the left. A variety of scissors and adhesives are close at hand. The counter top is at a height comfortable for me to work while standing up, yet low enough to use with a chair…remember though that my legs swing in that chair because I am so short. The shelves though are a slight issue. I have a step ladder stashed under the counter. Even so, with my T-Rex arms, I still need assistance retrieving some of the boxes. Thank goodness for normal-armed children!

This will help me when making samples and projects for filming and prepping for workshops. The workshops will be for Stampin’ Up! as my daughter recently talked me into signing up again. (I was a hobby demonstrator before…twice)  Being in panic mode right now (back story…I quit a job at a collections agency recently to take another position elsewhere. However, I got Bronchitis and a lung and sinus infection instead. This had me laid up for almost a month. The position was instead filled with another candidate. I signed with a temp agency and have had a few two or three-day positions temping here and there along with a few longer temping gigs. But, not any actual job leads. I am at the end of my savings and running out of sanity here.) I want to turn this into something that I can do to keep me afloat. And that seems like something that is entirely possible. Small steps. I can do this. I m excited about this.

You’ll be able to order from us (daughter and I) at our website at:

And you’ll be able to watch us create on YouTube here:

And from here forward, barring anything crazy… that’s the best way other than here to keep up with what we are up to. Hope you’ll check in often!

Happy crafting, everyone!

Melissa (and Hannah)   and







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