Wintry craftiness

Wintry? Winter-y? Winter-ish? Crafting when it’s cold. That’s the fun for the day. It has been snowing pretty steadily since last night. It’s still snowy and dark outside. I don’t have photos from today’s snowing, but I do have some from last week to share with you if you’d like to see:


100_8442 100_8441 100_8443

So, because it’s so miserable outside, the kids had today off and the interview I had today was rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Did you catch that I have an interview tomorrow? Uh, yeeeahhh, about that. I lost my job at Hobby Lobby as it was seasonal. I knew ahead of time that it was not a permanent position, although, I did hope that it would become part time and then maybe full time. But, such is life. The real kicker is that I lost my other position within the same 48 hours. So things have been extremely tight, to say the least. I have been applying everywhere I can think of and hopefully something will pan out. I am hopeful that the interview tomorrow will go well.

So, I have been knitting. I bought two skeins of yarn for Christmas of 2013 with the intent of making my daughter a scarf. Life happens and the project got put away. And promptly forgotten. But, I found it while looking through yarn this morning and I got working on it.

The scarf is being worked in a k4, p4 ribbing. I’d cast on 24 sts onto size 10 (US SIZE) straight needles. And I just followed in ribbing pattern as I went.



No row counting is necessary, since I’ll only need to make it as long as I’d like or until I run out of the second skein of yarn, whichever comes first.


The yarn is so soft and nice to work with. It’s fuzzy and therefore I had expected it to be a pain. I was pleasantly surprised. Now that I know this, maybe I should go see if there are more colorways available. Maybe not seeing as how it’s over a year later… Also, it is more neon in person. It’s so soft, and yet, it is super heavy as it works up. Wind certainly isn’t going to get through this when it’s finished.

Here’s the skein if you’d like to get some yourself:



I think I’ll make myself a cup of cocoa to drink, and go sit near the window. I will watch it snow as I knit and maybe come up with more ideas as to where to drop an application next.

Happy Crafting.

P.S. if you are interested, you can see youtube videos that I post three or four times a week at my Youtube channel. If you do watch, please “thumbs up” to “like” the video. If you posted an atta girl comment, that would be even more helpful! It doesn’t cost anything to watch and click the like or drop a comment, and it helps me out!



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