Getting back to watercolor

Things have been rather quiet here the last few days, which is very nice. Somewhat foreboding, too. Quiet isn’t often good with kids and pets. Usually when it’s too quiet, it means something is certainly going on. I try not to investigate anymore. Instead, I create something in my quiet little world. This time, I decided to haul out the paints and create something. I like silhouettes, and I like watercolor, so I combined the two.

ballerina pic

I went online and found a ballerina image and made a rough sketch of her. I tried to maintain her lines pretty close to what I saw, but wasn’t exact, but, that’s fine. I didn’t want to copy it EXACTLY anyway. This is water coloring, not photocopying. From there I laid out frisket along my sketch outline and filled her in with my Peerless watercolors. Once that was completely dry, I removed the frisket and placed a new layer of frisket just inside the silhouette I’d created. Next, I created a quick background for my dancer to float in. I allowed that to dry completely once more and removed the frisket as I had before. Then, I showed absolutely everyone who’d stand still long enough for me to show it to them. For those that were busy, I plastered it all over my Facebook wall, ha!!

Happy crafting.


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