If it’s not one thing…

…it’s another. It’s been quite a rough few weeks here. Family members have been hospitalized. Kids have been sick. In the span of 36 hours, three vehicles failed on us. That’s a rate of one every 12 hours! All one after another. Insanity.

The weather shifted pretty quickly into winter gear. No fall, it skipped that entirely. It went from 70’s to 20’s to negatives that I won’t even begin to look at let alone type out. I refuse to admit it’s that cold.

Work is going alright. I am enjoying it and come home covered in glitter, how awesome is that?? I have to go in today to get some actual shopping done, though. I want a few things and would like to take a few more minutes than just a lunch break. I do need to get to the grocery as well, I would like to make a hot dinner tonight because it’s so cold out. Even though, I won’t admit to it.


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