Super fail! Gah!

Ok, so…uh, yeah. I super failed at keeping up with my blog recently.

But, to be honest not a lot happens here.

Started getting eggs from the chickens the day the kids started back to school. Coincidence? I think no…yeah, probably.

The whole family except me are headed out on a camping trip over the weekend. I will stay home with Hunter our pretty but, bi-polar (no, really…he is)Border Collie. he’s just too aggressive to be in a campground full of people. And their dogs. That would be…well, that would make it to the news channels.

I am still working at the hotel. I am, however, trying hard to get into Hobby Lobby instead. I am crossing my fingers that I can get in as seasonal help and then make myself invaluable and therefore perhaps kept on. Once that happens I’ll explain why I am looking to get out of the hotel. I also still work for the online chicken retailer. I love that one and won’t give that up. I’d do it even if they stopped paying, HA!

I have been crafting each week and posting to YouTube. Although I haven’t done my Wednesday chats as often, and sometimes I have had to even skip my Sunday Dinner videos as well because of the schedule I have been keeping at work.

I am still plugging away, trying to keep up with life demands and still do things I’d like to do, too. Not so much of the latter gets done, but as long as I keep up with the former, I should be ok.


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