New to me supplies (must be Friday again)



Welcome to another Friday post. I love Fridays as it allows me to share the goodies I have picked up over the course of the week. Some days I purchase them in a store (or online), some days I rediscover them in the dark recesses of my craft cupboard, desk, and closet (I hope I am not the only one that happens to! No one else? Just…me? ). Sometimes the items are recycled from other items, and sometimes, still, the items are ones I have made. For instance I made my own color shine sprays to use on a few past projects. Or stencils I have made for myself.

In today’s focus, though, I have products purchased in stores.

First, (to the left of the photo) I added to my newly started tissue paper collection. I plan to use these on cards and on my art journal pages. Not a bad deal at a buck a package. I chose the white one because I can change it to any color i like. I chose the polka dotted one because…brown.

Continuing across, to the right of those are two sets of “Girlfriends” stamps, exclusive to Michaels. the images are tweeked versions of images from the Art impression’s website. The line is adorable…and hilarious. I want them ALL! All of ’em!

Then, towards the center I have a die set by Spellbinders In’spire, called “birds on a wire” that i got at Hobby Lobby. Below that is a great little brass stencil ($1.49!!!) of some humming birds. I have some crafty plans for that!

Lastly, there are four momenta dies. First, I bought the tree one. I was pretty excited to get it, as it was the last one there at Hobby Lobby. I brought it home and ran an excited test cut. Then another. Then shimmed and tried another. And shimmed more, and tried again. The thing would not cut. I was super bummed out. At first I was going to chalk it up to “You win some, you lose some”. But, after a day or so, I decided to Facebook the company and tell them. They said there was an issue and though they could not send me a new one because of the problem with that die, they wanted to send others. And boy, did they!! They sent all three of the remaining die sets! Can you believe it? What a great resolution. So, they sent me the butterfly, leaf, and bird sets.

So there, not a bad little Friday new-to-me-supply haul, huh?

As if reading wasn’t enough…here’s a vid:

Happy Crafting!





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