Comparison of Substitutes for Embossing Paste

Hi All!!

I have been on a quest to find a product that I can use in place of the somewhat pricey name brand embossing paste. It’s not that it is crazy expensive or anything, but for 4 ounces, The Dreamweavers / Wendy Vecchi paste is 12.00 at my local store, which makes each ounce 3.00. I am not a particularly cheap person, but, I do know I can do better. I don’t mind paying for quality, don’t get me wrong. But, again, I know I can do better.

So, I went out in a search for a good option for a substitute. I went to my local Hobby Lobby to see what I could find. I didn’t research options at that point, so I was shopping blindly. I brought home some modeling paste (9.00 with a coupon, Liquitex brand). the problem here is that it was like comparing apples and oranges. very similar, sure, but very different too. The original product is a clear acrylic product. This was a product that is marble based. The Dreamweavers dries clear, this paste is opaque and white. The Dreamweavers is flexible, the Liquitex Modeling paste…is sooo not. So this was a bad option for an exact match substitute. But, that’s not to say it’s a bad option, because it is a great option with wonderful uses! The Modeling Paste can be used with stencils, it accepts embossing powder, stains with ink very well, and you can add products on top of it. So even though it isn’t a match, it will stay in my arsenal of crafty nifties.

After a search I found that some people have been having good results using Dap brand clear window caulking. This turns out to be a very cost effective option. In fact, it is the best price option of all I tested. 5.5 ounces cane to 2.97, so around 54 cents an ounce. It accepted coloring with ink, stencils well, and takes embossing powder well. However, it didn’t give the absolute clear result i was looking for, although, it was very close.

My husband, being a contractor, took a look at the Dreamweavers product and said it reminded him of a product he uses often. So I tested out Loctite Power Grab. This product is an adhesive, as best as I can tell. It comes in a few sizes, but I used the 6 ounce one for 6.00, bringing it to a grand total of 1.00 an ounce. Not bad, still a third the cost of the Dreamweavers. It also accepts the embossing powder, coloring with ink, and works in a stencil well. But, it still wasn’t exactly right. When I compared the un-messed-around-with results with the original…it was somewhat cloudy. Again, not quite the same.

So, back to Hobby Lobby. I decided to try another Liquitex product; this time Super Heavy Gel. It was also 8 ounces. It rang up at 7.80…this works out to about 97 cents an ounce. In every single category of test I did, I was happy with the result. In fact I may even like it BETTER than the Dreamweavers. It is crystal clear, the price is right, and it works in all the testing I gave it. Winner!! I am excited to have found an acceptable option.

Here is the costs of each product again:

Dreamweavers 4 oz 12.00
Liquitex Modeling Paste 8 oz 15.00 (-40% with coupon= 9.00)
Liquitex Super Heavy Gel 8 oz 13.00 (-40% with coupon = 7.80)
Dap Kwik Seal 5.5 oz 2.97
Loctite Power Grab 6 oz 6.00

Some images of my side by side testing:

100_7971 100_7972 100_7973 100_7974 100_7975

And here we go with a video of the comparisons:

Happy crafting,




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