Talking about brand new and fresh

Recently, I made myself a brand new art journal. I made it using a few simple products. The journal itself is made using two burlap canvas boards for the front and back covers. The pages are made using pages pulled from a mixed media spiral bound pad. I took my Crop-a-dile and punched holes. I reinforced the holes with eyelets and set them with the Crop-a-dile as well. The pages were trimmed and punched, and sandwiched in between the front and back covers. I used binding rings like these to bind it all together:

I chose binding rings simply because if I decided to add to the book, it would be as easy as getting larger rings to increase the thickness of the book.

Then, I decided to make myself a travel sized watercolor and DIY Twinkling H2O’s set. I emptied a mini eye shadow pallet for each (purchased at the dollar store). For the regular water color set, I simply filled the empty eye shadow pans with tube water color by Reeves. For the Homemade/DIY Twinkling H2O set I mixed Gum Arabic with watercolor, eyeshadow, or Perfect Pearls (depending on the result I was looking for) and poured those into the empty eye shadow cells. Then I let those dry, open – exposed to air, all night before closing.

The end results looked like this:



The nice thing is, after laminating the color swatches, I can use the laminated surface to mix colors as I wish, and the space for the eyeshadow applicator makes a nice reservoir for water when in use.

Now, I can take this wherever I am going and I can create something on the fly. That is, if I can get over the mental block I have about messing up something new!

Here is the YouTube video I made that explains in detail how I did it. Get comfortable, I go on for a half an hour. Craziness.

And here is the link to another YouTuber who explains her method for making her own metallic watercolors (in part the inspiration to try to make my own, although I don’t follow her recipe exactly):

Happy crafting,




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