My first post

Thanks again for checking out my new blog. Brand spankin new. I love brand new, clean and fresh. It has so much promise. Brand new, clean, and fresh can become anything. Brand new is full of potential. Think about it. I don’t know about you, but, when I see an infant, all I think about is the whole brand new world before them. I imagine all the new experiences they will have.

Another example that springs to mind is a freshly dug garden. It’s empty, ready for the gardener to fill with color; seeds and plants. Anything at all can fill this space. It’s all ready for the gardener and nature to work their magic.

This same kind of possibility is what I see when i look at an empty canvas. Ideas swirl around hoping to make it onto the fresh new surface. Often, though, I tense up, afraid to fail; afraid to disappoint the potential in the fresh, brand new.

My hope is to take a stand against these fears and…just create…just fill the space…and perhaps fulfill my own potential and find the brand new and fresh within myself. Maybe even the same potential that someone might have seen when gazing at me in my own infancy.


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